Player Profile: Alex Taylor

cropped-img_4197.jpgYou may know Alex taylor as a composer. You may know him as ‘that guy in the gold jacket who can sing like Nick Cave.’ I know Alex as a man who makes a mean lasagne, who wears zebra pyjamas, and who can produce a whole octave of notes out of a single beer bottle. He’s also a great dancer. A man of many talents. Well here’s a few words from the man himself, who’s performing in the upcoming Night Sky concerts at Q Theatre.

Please tell us about yourself and what you play in 3 sentences.
I am a composer, musician, poet, teacher and student of the universe. Blackbird Ensemble gives me the opportunity to inhabit a bunch of different singing personas, including Nick Cave and David Bowie, and I also play tenor saxophone and violin. When I’m not making music I’m probably reading, binge watching HBO or procrastibaking.

How many blackbird shows have you done now?
I’ve been on board for the Sea Show, Carnival, Banquet Ballet, and the Night Sky.  

Which is your favourite show and why?
Each show has its highlights. The Sea Show let me go full seedy rock star with Nick Cave’s Little Empty Boat (complete with expletives and revealing jumpsuit); the Banquet Ballet had some very sharp arrangements and a great groove; Carnival’s costumes and make-up are hard to beat. But for me it’s gotta be the Night Sky – it’s got depth, breadth and so many killer tunes.  

What is the best moment in the Night Sky Show?
Taking my jacket off.
Just kidding. There’s a bunch – when the texture gets brought right back to banjo, guitar and flute for Sufjan’s haunting UFO eulogy; when I get to duet with my dear flatmate Claire; when Jessie goes full hysteria on Bjork… so many great moments in this show.

How do you feel when you’re performing?
Performing gives me the chance to act out my extrovert rock star fantasies. I feel focused, powerful, elated.

What would be your dream blackbird gig theme?
Something crazy. I think it would lend itself really well to something psychedelic, gender-bending, androgynous. Or some kind of sensory overload. Blindfolds, tastes and smells.  

What’s your favourite thing about BBE?
The fans.