Player Profile: Kevin Keys

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Kevin Keys. Actor, Singer, Rapper, Trombonist, and all round nice guy. Let’s get up close and sweaty with Blackbird’s lead Trombonist, and man of mystery..


Please tell us about yourself and what you play in 3 sentences.

6 foot 2, Scorpio, long walks on the beach, etc, etc… 

I play the king of instruments, the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the metal department, the irresistible high-priest of the glissando, and the only instrument to have a forebear with the name ‘sackbut’, the TROMBONE.

How many blackbird shows have you done now?

The Sea Show, Ballet Banquet and The Night Sky.

Which is your favourite show and why?

The Night Sky has been my fave – full throttle with hugely theatrical elements that, in this next season, are going to be bigger, better and with a side serving of potatoes.

What is the best moment in the Night Sky Show?

Besides the moment when I crack out a pedal Bb (always a highlight for any trombonist), it would probably be when Jessie goes beserk to Bjork (appalling rhyme unintended, but noted.)

How do you feel when you’re performing?

Hmmm – a bit sweaty? Not sure – you’d have to touch me.

What to say? I like live performance – being part of an organic beast that can ebb and flow and react to that special crackle of energy that exists between an audience and performers…

What would be your dream blackbird gig theme?

I think a psychedelic/early 90s guitar rock/loosely agricultural-themed mash up is the obvious next choice.


What’s your favourite thing about BBE?

Its holistic performative experiential nature (did I really just write that?), along with the ‘can-do/put this shit on’ spirit.