Player Profile: Jessie Cassin

Introducing: Jessie Cassin, our lovely lead vocalist. Self confessed sci-fi geek and glowing space princess,
Jessie shines out the front of the band during our Night Sky Shows. Quite literally. With a voice that can shimmer like space-diamonds, and belt with the strength of a blazing meteorite, she’ll earn her place as high priestess of the planet Blackbird. Ok, now enough with the cheesy space metaphors – let’s hear from Jess…
Please tell us about yourself and what you play in 3 sentences.
Im one of the lead vocalists, but I also occasionally play a bit of synth keys, kick drum, percussion…

How many blackbird shows have you done now?

Three so far (The Sea, The night sky, The Wilderness) and some Carnivale shows.
Which is your favourite show and why?
The night sky . It’s high energy, visually dynamic and the song choices really resonate with me and how I like to perform. Im also a bit of a sic-fi geek so getting to dress like a space princess is the shiiiiiit!

What is the best moment in the Night Sky Show?

That’s a hard question, there are so many great moments. When Jupiter starts at the very beginning of the show, I get this nostalgic kind of feeling, sort of familiar to how I feel when Im about to watch a movie and the MGM lion roars…something about that transports you ; Jupiter has that same effect on me. Also singing ‘Two planets’ with such a big ensemble always feels special.

How do you feel when you’re performing?

Like I might have special powers. 

What would be your dream blackbird gig theme?

Night sky does it for me. Nothings better than outer space theme!

What’s your favourite thing about BBE?

The energy, the song choices, the theatricality, and great musicians.