We made the stars blaze

I stole the title of this post from a terrible musical production I did at primary school, which I have largely tried to block out.

However I did think it was appropriate to describe what happened at Q theatre this last week. With over 800 people coming to our show, and many happy faces post-show, I think we sprinkled more than a little blackbird stardust on some new fans.

Thanks to all who came along, the band and I had an awesome time. I particularly enjoyed the Black Hole Disco, DJ’d by the Space Babe DJ’s Priscilla Northe and Erin Ward. Another highlight was watching the Amazing performers from The Dust Palace, perform aerial feats above the stage during the show. The first night I was so distracted by their performance I completely forgot to cue the orchestra! Haha.

Q theatre staff were amazing to work with as always, and supported our show and performers during our time there. I leave you with some pictures of the show – and a request to spread the word – we’d love to tour this show! It is however quite costly to mount, so any offers of sponsorship to stage it in other parts of New Zealand would be welcomed!


The Night Sky Alex Taylor and Jessie Cassin _MG_1881 _MG_1891 Eve Gordon from Dust Palace _MG_1942 Kevin Keys as The Beastie Boy Kevin Keys Intergalactic Ina Patisolo Alex Macdonald _MG_2030 _MG_2065 _MG_2107 _MG_2130 _MG_2153