Dear Björk

We are putting this out to the world to see if it reaches her eventually!

letter to bjork2octDear Björk,

There are very few artists like you. We admire your work, your passion, your originality and your dedication to music and performing.

To celebrate your recent 50th year, we are putting on a small theatrical run of concerts here in Auckland, New Zealand, with a group called

The Blackbird Ensemble.

We’re a classical based orchestra who delight in walking the lines between genres, levelling out the playing field between art music,

classical music and pop. Your music often features in our programmes, and we’ve been thinking for a while now we’d love to celebrate

you and your incredible life’s achievements.

Iceland and New Zealand are not that different we like to think. The isolation breeds ingenuity, the nature fills us with inspiration, and the

solitude gives us space to create. Blackbird Ensemble is built on these foundations. We have worked from the ground up, starting with

nothing and creating musical experiences to envelope us all in a sense of magic and a belief that anything is possible.

With that in mind, we warmly invite you to attend this celebration of your music. We are arranging songs from throughout your career

and creating new versions of your work, performed by a 10 piece band and 4 of NZ’s best singers. We hope we can do your work justice.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you will do us the honour of your attendance.

Here is a video from a few years ago where we covered your song Pluto as part of our Night Sky themed concert.

The singer is NZ’s Jessie Cassin.

With much Aroha and respect,

Claire Cowan

Composer & Director

The Blackbird Ensemble


New Zealand


All is Full of Love

By the Blackbird Ensemble

Nov 8-11, 2017

Q Theatre, Auckland NZ